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Marc Reklau About the author

Marc Reklau

About the author

Marc Reklau is the author of 13 books including the international Bestsellers "30 Days - Change your habits, change your life", "Love yourself First", and "How to Become a People Magnet". His books have reached more than 1 million readers and have been translated into more than 15 languages including Spanish, German, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and Korean.

He wrote his first book "30 DAYS" in 2014 after being fired from his job and literally went from jobless to Bestseller (which is the title of his second book).

Marc's mission is to empower people to create the life they want and to give them the resources and tools to make it happen. He writes about habits, productivity, and happiness.

His message is simple: Many people want to change things in their lives, but few are willing to do a simple set of exercises constantly over a period of time. You can plan and create success and happiness in your life by installing habits that support you on the way to your goals. 

If you want to work with Marc directly contact him on his homepage where you also find more information about him.

You can connect with him on Instagram, Facebook. Linkedin or on his website


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